Appsolutely colorful!


Colors can not be presented authentically on displays. Color fans can only be used as a master template. But it can be useful to read color details off of digital pictures, in order to reuse them. This is why we developed the app, which is presenting colors as similar as possible and translating them to RGB, HEX and CIELAB.

In our COLOR JACK app, colors are sorted clearly and in categories. You can search for color codes and compare them, save your favorite color and share them with others. In the future, more tools will be available as well.

Mobile app for IOS and Android devices

Installation is possible for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, with access to COLOR JACK colors and codes (independently of your internet connection).

Web app for all modern browsers

No installation needed – for all users, which would like to use Color JACK colors and codes on their PC (internet connection needed).

Go to web app


Farben können auf Bildschirmen/Displays nicht autenthisch wiedergegeben werden. Deshalb musste man bisher digitale und gedruckte Farben trennen. Mit unserem System schaffen wir es aber, beide Welten zu verbinden.

Hier geht es zur Web-App (Browser-Version) für PC und Laptop:

Hier geht es zu den mobilen Apps für Smartphone und Tablet: