The color system for all!

We have developed a new, professional color system for retailers, media and consumers to communicate easily, affordably and independently.

COLOR JACK explained in a minute:

COLOR JACK can be used in two ways:

Explore items via CJ-Code
Translate into real color
Determine the code of an object
Find products in the right color

Use Cases

COLOR JACK is flexible and limitless:

Stationary commerce
Print Media
Online Media
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We offer a tailor-made complete system, which can be individually adjusted to all user needs.

Own development

Evolution of worldwide known Lab-color space

High quality

Multiple experts enable accuracy & reliability

Focus on end-user

Online & offline definition of colors in retail

Simple coding

Our binary codes are the shortest ones in the world

Innovative tools

Digital & haptic tools for color definition, comparison & search

New ideas

Continuous development of new possibilities & use cases

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