Interview mit den Machern von COLOR JACK

COLOR JACK’s founder Udo Kamp is talking about their claim for the company, about democratizing the color industry and reducing the CO2 emissions worldwide:

Reporter: What does color leadership mean?

Udo: Color leadership is the effect of a company being able to avoid misunderstandings concerning color. This starts with the right development and ends with production and sale. It reduces resources and frustration. It is a real asset to win the game of market share and unique selling points.

Reporter: And before COLOR JACK was founded, that was impossible?

Udo: It was possible, but only with boundaries of well-known color-systems. Not in a limitless version and throughout the whole color spectrum. Articles belonging to different color systems were unable to match perfectly.
In other words: Until now, the color world was driving with breaks on. We solved that problem. We enable access to specific and limitless color definition – for everybody, democratized.

Reporter: It sounds like a disruptive business model. How are you holding up?

Udo: While we were still developing our product, we received first business offers, if that is what you mean. But this was never our goal. This is why we only accepted one investor so far, the agency proteco. They are supporting us with contact and building our brand.

Reporter: Are you on a mission?

Udo: Yes, and we call it color ensurance. We are improving results of customer experiences and help to reduce frustration concerning colors in retail as well return costs due to color mishaps in eCommerce. Those benefits do not only increase the fun about colors, but are reducing CO2 emissions.
Our system can be used for B2C and B2B. We offer limitless possibilities and just started to get going. With a clear focus on B2B.

Reporter: What is your vision?

Udo: In the last couple of years we did not only develop a color system, but gained a lot of knowledge in consultation and management with our Know-how center, our color database and systems like the color engine: We can see huge potential in working with companies as consultants and conceptualists. This can be for different modules as well as for exclusive usage, in order to gain color ensurance.

Reporter: Thanks for the nice interview.