The world must have enough color systems and fans at this point, right? Yes, and no!

  • There are a lot of color systems and fans. They all try to emphasize on their color, but every retailer is doing that in his own way (mostly with profit in mind!).
  • Most systems are just color collections, which develop and grow in order to be complete. This can not be a useful growth and most users are disappointed about new updates. Sometimes a system contains multiple color fans. Which is not consistent and can be confusing.
  • Well-known color systems like Pantone and other companies (like Telekom), protect their color like a trademark, which is not possible, since all of them are based on the worldwide Lab-System.
  • Past color fans are big and heavy, either have to many or to similar colors and cost 150 € or more.
  • COLOR JACK developed a full system with clear boundaries, which can be flexible. Visually similar color fans are possible, independent of the number of color (1.000 or 300.000). We are able to meet user needs, even professionally. Due to our independence, flexibility and neutrality we are able to translate every color, integrate our system everywhere and function like an egg-laying woll pig.