The definition of color leadership

Useful for users

COLOR JACK is falling back on a proven principle in color comparison. But interpreted the usage in a new way and customized it to user needs. Users now have the possibility to determine colors and assign them to products.

User problems & our solutions

There are plenty of colors (~17 Mio.) with no consistent system for users.

We determined a way of calculating colors and organizing them logically.

The same colors on digital and printed items look different on every screen. Mediums (online & offline) are able to describe colors for product descriptions, ads and reports or blogs, but they are not able to define them precisely or translate them well.

We are able to identify every product by its color, independently of the medium. This means: Maximum color ensurance and consistency.

The same colors are named differently (navy blue is dark blue somewhere else) – no real comparison possible.

We translate every color description into one, binary code, which is useful for every user.

It is difficult for consumers to assess colors. It is also difficult to search for products by color.

We eliminated inconsistent color perception, which allows a targeted search.

Current color systems are made for professionals (graphic designers, printers, craftsmen) and are hard to compare. They do just work in a closed environment, because they are protected colors.

Our concept allows independent comparison and an open communication for every user and every color system. We connect consumers, manufacturer, merchants and mediums.

Current color fans or color cards are unflexible, big, contain too many colors and are too expensive, or they contain only specific colors. Oftentimes users will find color catalogs with missing categorization.

Our color fans are compact, low in cost or free, flexible and contain the right amount of color (1022), incl. trends. We’ve also developed free digital tools.

Consumers will have to order products in order to see the actual color. This results in returns and exchanges.

Our system is reducing returns due to color ensurance.

Consumers are not able to define colors precisely and are not able to remember them to buy the product online or offline.

Due to our printed and digital tools, consumers can compare, define and save colors, to find the perfect product.

 Procedure for using our system:

Picking the tool

for the needed work space

Ordering the tool

through our partners or in our shop (available soon)

Using our tool

online, offline, privately or professionally

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